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Achievepedia is a system that consist of an Achievements and Encyclopedia system. The achievements are perfect for creating any type of reward system for the players/gamers, whether it’s picking up an object, running 5 miles in-game, opening your inventory, completing a quest or even just opening the game for the first time!
The encyclopedia part is perfect for creating and storing any type of information regarding players, locations, notes, objects and much more that you desire! This system allows very easy additions and setup on the info, as well as a ton of configuration options such as custom background colors, text colors, and much more!
If you’ve ever needed to show information on your game, reward the players for milestones and wanted to do this in-game then this is the perfect system for you!
This system comes with pre-made sounds for all the achievements/unlock sounds as well as pre-defined categories; characters, objects, notes, locations.
Blueprints: 6 Structs: 7 Enums: 2 Textures: 12 Sounds: 10 Datatables: 5
List of features:
• Achievements • Locations • Objects • Characters • Notes
• Different sound per type
• custom name colors per unlock
• custom button/bg color per unlock
• Easy to add and change information per type
• Pre-made character settings -> Name, age, guild, location, gender, status, occupation, race and description
• Pre-made location settings -> Image, description, small image, small description
• Pre-made notes settings -> Note name, sender, destination, found note at, image and note context
• Pre-made object settings -> Name, Origin, type, value, rarity, image and description
• Pre-made achievement settings -> Name, color, bg color, small image
• Hidden achievements (only know what the achievement is until unlocked)
• Option to notify user of unlock or not
• Option to set preferred length of notify per unlock
• Time when unlocked achievement • Unlock progress bar for achievements • Unlocked x out of x text



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