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Unreal Engine虚幻游戏引擎素材资源 Unreal Engine Marketplace –Impromptu Procedural Ladders即兴程序阶梯
A highly flexible procedural ladder blueprint which lets you create detailed ladders of any length and proportions in seconds, simplifying the normally tedious and inefficient task of creating bespoke ladders to fit spaces in your levels. Creating a ladder of the perfect height, width and depth is as easy as clicking and dragging. A huge time saver for any game with ladders in it.
– Comes with three sets of ladder meshes with PBR materials
– Use your own meshes or mix-and-match the included rungs, struts, bolts and wall brackets
– Create a ladder of the perfect dimensions for any space in seconds
– Easily customise ladder length/height, strut thickness, rung length, distance between rungs, mesh details, unique top/bottom meshes, rung roll, and more
– Easily adapted to make stairs, stepladders and fences – just rotate a ladder and adjust rung rotation
– Easy setup process to use your own meshes
– Ladders can generate simple box collision and be physically simulated
– Highly legible, commented blueprint graphs which are easy to learn from and modify
This is not a climbing system.
Intended Platform: All



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