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Pyro Particle Texture Pack for Unreal 4 – A pack of over 27 high quality and high resolution, simulated flame, smoke and explosion textures for use with your Unreal 4 projects. Custom materials, material instances and sample emitters are included. Using Unreal’s built-in tools, you can scale down the size of the textures to conform to your platform of choice.
This pack may be listed as “pyro”, but that doesn’t mean that it’s only use is with fire. This texture pack is versatile enough to cover many categories. Fire, magic, explosions, general ambiance, etc. You’re limited only by your imagination!
“real-world” sized emitters (marked with “_b”) with exposed near camera fade in particle dynamic properties. with version 4.19 and up, there is now a “mobile” folder in the pack that has mobile-friendly particle systems along with updates to the materials.
Tested with Windows and OSX, but because this is principally a texture pack, they can be used with any platform.
If you have an issues or questions, please post them here so that I get a notification of your post.
Pyro Particle Texture Pack forum
– Over 27 textures
– Advanced custom particle material and material instances.
– Demo map included
– Five example (but ready to use) particles systems included. 2x fires, 2x explosions, 1x flame geyser
– Five “real-world” size particle system samples
This pack was designed with high-end gaming in mind, but can very easily be scaled down for mobile use as well. Unreal has tools specifically for this. Please visit my website for elaborate instructions on how to optimize your textures for various platforms



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