ue4商城资源Simple CheckPoint System简易检查点系统

Unreal Engine虚幻游戏引擎素材资源 Unreal Engine Marketplace –Simple CheckPoint System简易检查点系统


Plug and Play system that allows for your Character to respawn at Check Point(s). Can be used for unique levels or for open world type adventure games.

Don’t let the price fool you! This project offers a robust and versatile system for you to quickly set up a linear or none-linear checkpoint system within your game. All that is left is for you to add the visual components to the Actor, and enjoy!
– Linear /None-Linear approach
– Adjustable Actor features such as scale
– Choose the player rotation on spawn
– Easily adapt to 2D or 3D projects
– Delete .sav files from the Editor
– Save Hours of work for an affordable price!



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