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在After Effects中将3D渲染与原始动画相结合

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Hello! Today I’m going to teach you how to get started in Cinema 4D and we’re going to make a flipping skateboard! We’ll focus on getting your bearings in the software, modelling and animation basics, and then how to make it look like 2D drawn animation.

By the end of the class you’ll have animated a sweet slow motion skateboard trick and hopefully have the knowledge to make your own first forays into 3D animation.

This class will be super useful for 2D animators who need to add a quick 3D element to their drawn or vector animations, but it will also be great for anyone wanting to start out in 3D. We’ll go through the basics, make a simple animation and then make it look 2D.

We will be covering:

What is 3D animation anyways and how does it work?
An intro to the Cinema 4D interface – what buttons where
Modelling basics – using a 2D illustration of a skateboard to make a 3D skateboard
Animation basics – flipping a skateboard, easy when you dont have to use your feet (varial kickflip to be precise)
Making your 3D animation look like 2D animation using Sketch and Toon
Combining your 3D render with your original animation in After Effects
I’m hoping that having completed this class you’ll have broken the first learning hurdle into 3D animation by demystifying it a bit and giving you the confidence to use 3D in your own work.

Let’s flipping do this!