Fire Hydrant Package 该包包含6个单独的消防栓资产。总共有124种不同级别垃圾的颜色变化,以及每个消防栓的相应物质材料。

每个资产也有自定义碰撞,以及2个LOD的。高多边形网格的tris计数范围为8,000到1,800,最低LOD范围为1,500到600 tris。

高分辨率型号的Tri计数范围为8,000至1,800 Tri。
最低LOD的Tri计数范围从1,500到600 tris

This package has 6 fire hydrant assets variations, and the textures are created with ‘Substance’ materials, so you have freedom to change the resolutions, colors, add rust, grime, or generally just age them. In case you don’t want to use the Substance plugin on your project, I have included a total of 124 different color and damage variations for you to use. These textures are all 2K resolution.

Each asset also has custom collision, as well as 2 LOD’s. The tri count for the high poly mesh ranges from 8,000 to 1,800, and the lowest LOD range from 1,500 to 600 tris.

Technical Details
• 2048×2048 resolution for all the variations of textures.
• 173 textures in total.
• Each model type has an included Substance Material allowing you too customize the age and feel of the assets.
• Each model has 2 LOD’s.
• Tri count for the high res models ranges from 8,000 to 1,800 tris.
• Tri count for the lowest LOD ranges from 1,500 too 600 tris