SolidCAM很高兴宣布新版CAM软件——inventor CAM 2022 SP3 HF2的上市。主要版本展示了即将推出的激动人心的新功能,包括孔向导增强、关联坐标系、CAM零件配置、U轴和共线轴支持、iTurning、自动模板和SolidCloud。

SolidCAM被公认为领先CAD产品、SolidWorks和Inventor中CAM无缝集成的世界领导者,支持完整系列的CNC制造应用,包括iMachining 2D/3D、2.5D铣削、高速表面铣削、3D高速加工、多边分度4/5轴铣削、同步5轴铣削、多通道铣削车削、瑞士式加工和探测。SolidCAM一直是CAM领域的增长领导者。


InventorCAM 2022 SP3 HF2 | 6.0 Gb

版本:2022 SP3 HF2
系统要求:Windows *
软件先决条件:预装InventorCAM 2018-2023
大小:6.0 Gb

Languages Supported: 中文, Čeština, Dansk, Nederlands, English, Français, Deutsch, עברית, Magyar,
Italiano, 日本語, 한국어, Polski, Português, Русский, Español, Türkçe
SolidCAM is pleased to announce the availability of new version CAM software – InventorCAM 2022 SP3 HF2. The major release presents new upcoming exciting functionality including Hole Wizard enhancements, Associative Coordinate Systems, CAM Part configurations, U-axis & Collinear Axis Support, iTurning, Automatic Templates and SolidCloud.

SolidCAM is recognized as the world leader in seamless integration of CAM in leading CAD products, SolidWorks and Inventor, supporting the complete range of CNC manufacturing applications, including iMachining 2D/3D, 2.5D milling, high-speed surface milling, 3D high-speed machining, multi-sided indexial 4/5 axes milling, simultaneous 5 axes milling, multi-channel mill-turn, Swiss-type machining and probing. SolidCAM has been a consistent growth leader in CAM.

SolidCAM, a global leader in innovative CAM software for CNC machining and distribution of related digital manufacturing solutions, has more than 20,000 CNC manufacturing customers worldwide

Owner: SolidCAM
Product Name: InventorCAM
Version: 2022 SP3 HF2
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Languages Supported: multilanguage
System Requirements: Windows *
Software Prerequisites: Pre-installed InventorCAM 2018-2023
Size: 6.0 Gb