Archmodels vol. 258系列包括120个树木模型 – 每个季节40个:夏天、秋天和冬天各40个。有了这些资源,你就能够创建各种场景 – 从忧郁的冬季仙境到夏天的公园和森林。所有树木都已应用材质,准备好渲染。包括的树种有:栗树、枫树、桦树、椴树。

格式: FBX Corona vray

Evermotion – Archmodels vol. 258


Archmodels vol. 258 collection includes 120 models of trees – 40 for each season: summer, autumn and winter. With these assets you will be able to create all kind of scenes – from moody winter wonderlands to summer parks and forests. All trees have materials applied and are ready to render. Included species: Chestnut, Acer, Birch, Lime Tree.

Formats: FBX Corona

SPECIAL BONUS: if you purchase MAX format you will get two cover scenes prepared for V-ray 3.6 with 3dsmax 2014.
Bonus files included