ue4虚幻引擎建筑场景工具套件HAL Archviz Toolkit V1

HAL Archviz Toolkit V1
最强大的互动工具套件可用于arch viz在虚幻引擎。
哈尔自豪地展示了最强大的工具集可供建筑师和拱门Viz艺术家寻求增加互动性和价值的UE4可视化。HAL Archviz工具包的创建是为了帮助建筑师和Arch-Viz艺术家在他们的Archviz项目中快速实现这组极其强大的交互功能。所有这些都是由建筑师设计并经我们的客户测试,在实际的建筑项目中运行顺利。HAL Archviz工具箱也已经设置了直观的键盘+鼠标和xbox360控件。
The most powerful kit of interactive tools available for arch viz in Unreal Engine.
HAL is proud to present the most powerful set of tools available for Architects and Arch Viz Artists looking to add interactivity and value to their UE4 visualizations. The HAL Archviz Toolkit was created to help Architects and Arch Viz Artists quickly implement this extremely powerful set of interactive features into their archviz projects. All of which have been designed by architects and tested by our clients to operate smoothly in real architectural projects. The HAL Archviz Toolkit has also been setup with intuitive keyboard + mouse & Xbox 360 controls.
The Core Components:
• HUD with area for logo or branding
• Live Floor Plans : Mini-map of floor plans including real-time view of player location (support for multiple story buildings)
• Points of interest : Set points of interest in the editor and quickly access them from the HUD & floor plan mini-map
• Edit Mode : Quickly switch models and/or materials (i.e. Kitchen Cabinets & Countertops, Furniture, Wall colors or anything else you want to change)
• Camera Mode : Take HD resolution screenshots in-game! Quickly change lens zoom/FoV + Depth of Field. (helps eliminate the need for additional V-ray renderings)
• Controller Modes : Walk or Fly (drone mode) thru your visualization.
• Optional in-game tutorial for new users
• Easily & quickly hide any HUD elements allowing for a clear view of your visualization.
• Added rotation for editable objects
• Optimized materials for editable objects which only use a base mesh to avoid maxing out texture pool in memory.
• Lighting adjustments to Thumbnail render for 4.11


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