Kitbash3D–野蛮人 压缩包大小:1.31G
创造出建筑上有争议的建筑和城市景观,这些建筑和城市景观与现代主义运动交织在一起,由粗犷的混凝土和玻璃组合而成,裸露的建筑结构,以及对审美舒适性或舒适性的缺乏关注。有了这个巨大的工具,你可以建立科幻反乌托邦或细节现代城市与庞大的公共建筑,大胆的纪念碑和独特的塔楼结构!Kit design and covert art由Emmanuel Shiu(Blade Runner 2049)设计,由Julian Liao设计。

Kitbash3D – Brutalist

Create the architecturally controversial buildings and cityscapes that intertwine with the modernist movement, defined by rugged combinations of detailed concrete and glass, exposed construction, and a lack of concern for aesthetic comfort or ease. With this huge kit you can build sci-fi dystopias or detail modern cities with massive public buildings, bold monuments and unique tower structures! Kit design and covert art by Emmanuel Shiu (Blade Runner 2049), modeled by Julian Liao.