3DCollective – Real Light 24 HDRi Pro Pack 02

hdri校准8k skies照明3d项目素材,8K分辨率 素材大小:1G 共24种 不同天气的hdr格式图片 含预览图


包含:2 hdri清晰晴朗 4 hdri多云有太阳 6 hdri日落有云 4 hdri多云 2 hdri多云日出 3 hdri清晰日出 2 hdri多云夜晚 1 hdri晴朗夜晚

One of the most popular methods, when lighting a 3D project, is what we know as IBL (Image Based Lighting), which consists of using a panoramic 360º high dynamic range image (HDRi) as a lighting source, to reproduce as accurately as possible, the actual sky conditions at the time of capture. However, this technique has some important limitations and inconveniences, and that is why incorrect HDRi can cause problems when it comes to lighting our projects, sometimes causing worse results than automatic sky systems and sun that are included in most render engines.

2 HDRi HDRi Clear and sunny
4 HDRi Cloudy with visible sun
6 HDRi Sunset with clouds
4 HDRi Cloudy
2 HDRi Cloudy sunrise
3 HDRi Clear sunrise
2 HDRi Cloudy night
1 HDRi Clear night