Creating A Cartoon Character Using Blender 使用blender创建卡通人物

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首先,我们将从角色的建模开始。一旦我们完成了角色的建模,我们将把它导出为一个fbx文件,这样我们就可以在Mixamo Adobe的在线装配和动画工具中导入它。


8 HDRI,材质纹理绘制和最终渲染设置

1 Class Introduction
2 Importing Reference Image and Modeling The Head
3 Creating A Hair And Small Hat
4 Adding Top Part Of The Body
5 Modeling Hands
6 Modeling Shirt, Legs And Shoes
7 Final Modeling adjustments And Mixamo
8 HDRI,Materials Texture Painting And Final Render Settings

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Hello guys, my name is Dino, and welcome back to another course. In this course, we are going to model out the popular cartoon character Arnold from the famous 90’s sitcom “Hey Arnold!”.

The show centers on a fourth grader named Arnold, who lives with his grandparents in an inner-city tenement. Episodes center on his experiences navigating urban life while dealing with the problems he and his friends encounter.
Arnold is a calm, nice, kind, optimistic, upbeat, and smart idealist who always sees the best in people despite how unkind or sneaky some of them maybe. Although he’s usually a pacific kid, he has his limits and can be a bit irritable when he’s pushed too far.
First of all, we will import a reference image that you can get from
For this character creation, we are going to be using basic mashes and modifiers. We will model the character in the T pose from which will be easier for us to animate and set the pose later on.
First of all, we will start with the modeling of our character. Once we finish modeling the character we will export it as an fbx file so that we will be able to import it in Mixamo Adobe’s online rigging and animating tool.
Once we find our favorite animation or pose we will then download it and import it back into Blender.
Later we will add HDRI image for the lightning and apply the materials.
For the shirt that he wears as a skirt, we are going to play with nodes in shader editor to replicate the famous checkered shirt.
For the rest of the body, we will use basic materials.
In the end, I will show you how to set your scene and the final render settings.
This curse is beginner-friendly and if you are an advanced 3d artist you can use this course as a practice.
So what are we waiting for let’s hop on to the videos?