【Unity资产】Unity Asset Bundle 1 – January 2021

Unity Asset Bundle 1 – January 2021 大小:36G

Advanced Culling System v1.3.4.unitypackage
Beautify 2 v10.8.unitypackage
Character Accessories v1.1.unitypackage
Clayxels v1.3.unitypackage
Cliffs Stones v2.0.unitypackage
Demons v7.1.unitypackage
Dialogue Speaker v1.0.unitypackage
Dragons v40.2.unitypackage
Easy Mobile Pro v2.13.0.unitypackage
Emerald AI 2.0 v2.4.1.1.unitypackage
Fantasy Horde – Orc v1.29.unitypackage
Frozen GUI Pack v1.7.unitypackage
Gaia Pro – Terrain Scene Generator v2.2.3.unitypackage
HQ FPS Weapons v1.2.1.unitypackage
Lock-picking – Key locks Padlocks and Ciphers v1.0.unitypackage
Low Poly Ultimate Pack v4.7.unitypackage
Massive Clouds Atmos – Volumetric Skybox v1.0.9.unitypackage
MicroSplat – Terrain Collection v3.601.unitypackage
Mountain Trees – Dynamic Nature v2.3.5.unitypackage
Mushroom Monsters v28.1.unitypackage
Obfuscator v3.6.2.unitypackage
Outdoor Atmospheres Sound Effects Pack v2.0.unitypackage
PBR Rocks – Nature Pack v1.7.1.unitypackage
Plant Monster Pack PBR v8.1.unitypackage
Poly Few Mesh Simplifier and Auto LOD Generator v5.8.unitypackage
Rain and Snow Pack v1.1.unitypackage
RAM 2019 – River Auto Material 2019 v1.4.4.unitypackage
Rock Monster Pack PBR v12.1.unitypackage
Script Inspector 3 v3.0.27.unitypackage
Stylized Water Shader v2.1.4.unitypackage
Text Animator for Unity v1.2.10.unitypackage
The Vegetation Engine v2.0.2.unitypackage
Top-Down Assets v1.2.unitypackage
Troll Character RPG Fantasy PBR v1.1.unitypackage
Ultimate LOD System MT v3.1.1.unitypackage
UModeler v2.7.27f7.unitypackage
Weapons Armor PBR Pack 1 v10.1.unitypackage
White mage spells v1.0.unitypackage
Winter Environment – Nature Pack v1.6.1.unitypackage
Winter Tundra – Ice Rock Pack v1.1.unitypackage

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