Unity资产 Soccer Head-Ball Championship Game Kit 足球头球锦标赛游戏包


Soccer Head-Ball Championship Game Kit 1.4 大小解压后:24M 支持Unity版本 5.6.0或更高

-集成了AdMob ad sdk,帮助您为投资制定更好的盈利策略。
-支持Android、iOS、WebGL、Windows Phone和独立平台。


Soccer Head-Ball Championship is a fun and addictive football game which makes you want to play again and again. First you need to select a character and enter the game. For the game-play, you need to keep the ball in the air as long as possible. You need to move your character left/right and jump whenever needed to keep the ball floated in the air. Once the ball touches the ground, the game is over. The score/best-score will be saved and you can play a new round.

– This is a complete soccer game template, ready to release.
– AdMob ad sdk is integrated to help you have a better monetization strategy for your investment.
– Easy to monetize, perfect to learn.
– Fully commented source code in C#
– Supports Android, iOS, WebGL, Windows Phone and Standalone platforms.
– Simple and highly addictive time-management game-play
– Can be used to build a 2D or a 3D game at no time!
– Mobile friendly (with awesome performance!)
– Extremely flexible to re-skin and re-master
– Easy to extend

It works right out of the box! Just download the kit, load it up inside Unity and hit “Build” !!

Please rate our kit. We deeply appreciate it.

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