Suite Trapcode,是After Effects中粒子模拟和建模以及三维效果领域的工具集和工程专业的名称,是一个软件环境。你可以帮助这个包中可用的工具来模拟粒子,如火、水、烟、雪等。来支付。不同粒子的组合,可以帮助插头做一个惊人的结果,并会为你带来真正的。在你面前插上一脚也让你觉得你的结果比以往更快更好。

x64 |文件大小解压后:746 MB

Trapcode Suite包是一套11种不同的工具,用于设计三维对象并将视觉效果应用到您的项目中。这个包中包含的所有工具都有各自的性能和特点。但是,总的来说,这些工具为您提供了可以最好地进行模拟的条件。使用这套工具可以模拟粒子、液体、三维组件、级别、声音和运动的效果,尽可能以最佳方式在After Effects软件中完成。


操作系统:Windows 10 (x64)
空间:850 MB硬盘空间

-Adobe After Effects CC 2019及更高版本
-Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019及更高版本

Suite Trapcode , the name of the tool sets and engineering specialty in the field of particle simulation and modeling and three-dimensional effects in After Effects is a software environment. You can help tools available in this package to simulate particles, such as fire, water, smoke, snow, etc. to pay. The combination of different particles that can be done to help plug an amazing result and will bring real for you. Plug before you also makes you consider your results get faster and better than ever.

Trapcode Suite package is a set of 11 different tools in order to design the three-dimensional objects and apply visual effects to your project. All the tools included in this package performance and characteristics of their own. Overall, however, these tools provide conditions for you that you can best do your simulation. With this set of tools can simulate the effects of particle, liquid, three-dimensional components, levels, sound and motion in the best way possible to accomplish in After Effects software.

The package also sets of tools are presented in such a way that almost with a variety of operating systems Windows and Mac compatible and can easily use them. Tools included in this package also has the power to you so that you can easily create complex animations you……….

System Requirements
OS:Windows 10 (x64)
Space:850 MB of Hard Drive space

-Adobe After Effects CC 2019 and later
-Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 and later

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