Hosokawa War Feudal Japan 感谢所有人在这次挑战中的支持!这真的是一次很好的经历,让我在休息了几个月后又回到了虚幻。它告诉我,我有很多东西要学,关于纹理,雕刻,照明和如何不真实的景观作品(因为我尝试过,失败了哈哈)。所以我迫不及待地想回到引擎,用它做点别的东西!


-纹理:这个结构使用了我在上面展示的可平铺纹理和一个装饰片来添加一些细节。我使用了Substance Designer和Quixel混合器,这取决于我创建wink所需的纹理类型。道具在maya中建模,在Zbrush中雕刻,然后在Substance Painter中烘焙和纹理化。当我一遍又一遍地使用同样的材料,比如木头和金属时,我使用了一些智能材料。

– Fx:所有的烟雾,暴雪和东西都来自Epic launcher的学习部分,一些来自starter内容,其余的来自partciles vfx地图,你可以免费下载看看他们都做了什么,真的很酷!



Thanks everyone for the support during this challenge! It was a really good experience, allowing me to get back to unreal after a few months breaks. It shows me that i have ton of things to learn about texturing, sculpting, lighting and how Unreal works for the landscape (because I tried and failed haha). So I can’t wait to get back to the engine and make something else with it!
As for the final submission, if you want to know some details about it :

– Lighting : It’s a dynamic lighting with no baking due to the lack of time but it’s still run at 30fps on my pc (which is 5 years old) :o

– Texturing : The structures uses the tileable textures I showed above with a trimsheet of ornaments in order to add some details. I used Substance Designer and Quixel Mixer depending of the type of textures I needed to create wink The props are modeled in maya and sculpted in Zbrush, then baked and textured in Substance Painter. I used some SmartMaterials when i got the same material over and over like wood and metal.

– Fx : All the smoke, blizzard and stuff came from the learning section of the Epic launcher, some are from the starter content and the rest of them came from the partciles vfx map, which you can download for free to see what they have done, it’s really cool!

That’s it for me, if you have any questions about something don’t hesitate to contact me or just reply to the update wink

Hope you enjoyed this last post!