Unreal Engine Marketplace – Advanced Cel Shader Pack

虚幻引擎市场 — — 高级 Cel 着色器包Advanced Cel Shader
此版本包含许多以前共享的mycel shader开发版本不包含的改进。原始版本将留在GitHub上,作为一个独立的后处理效果教程,任何人都可以免费下载,但是如果你想要真正的商品,marketplace版就在那里。Epic还向我保证,随着我提出新的想法,我可以继续发布cel着色器的更新,随着Unreal Engine本身不断添加功能,我很高兴能够进一步实现这些功能。
cel着色器在基准测试中运行良好,并提供高达WQHD(2560 x 1440)分辨率的真实世界性能,并带有一个中档视频卡。高端卡能够以4K(3840 x 2160)分辨率以全帧速率显示cel着色器。
This release contains many improvements that the previously shared development version of my cel shader doesn’t contain. The original version will be left up on GitHub as a standalone post-process effect tutorial free for anyone to download, but if you want the real goods the marketplace edition is where it’s at. Epic has also assured me that I can continue to release updates to the cel shader as I come up with new ideas and there’s a few things I’m quite excited to implement further down the track as Unreal Engine itself continues to add features.
The cel shader runs well in benchmarks and offers real-world performance at up to WQHD (2560 x 1440) resolutions with a mid-range video card. High end cards are more than capable of displaying the cel shader at full framerate in 4K (3840 x 2160) resolutions.



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