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JLMussi – Mastering Hard Surface Modeling in Maya

This course is built differently from those you might have tried in the past. It was designed differently for a reason. I not only show you the HOW but I explain the WHY. You won’t just learn how to create a highly detailed bike model, but you will discover a step-by-step system to create ANY complex 3d model at a professional level.

This course will provide you with a solid foundation to make more complex 3d models much faster with less frustration. You will gain a competitive advantage when applying for 3d modeling work in the VFX, Animation, Product Design, and Video Game industries.

I will take you the entire 3d modeling process of creating a high end model of a BMX bike. This course will teach students how to 3d model using Subdivision Surfaces with a focus on clean topology.

The course will start with the basics of 3D modeling and how to set up your project. Then you will learn how to properly blockout your model. From there students will learn a variety of different techniques to create each part of the bike. Lastly, you will learn how to create a polished beauty render using Arnold.

Course Features
► 21 Hours+ of Videos (Playback in Real Time)
► Access to ALL Future Content
► Access to our Private Discord Group
► Mentorship from a Professional
► Maya Script Bundle Discount (50% off)
► Project Files: Blueprints, Wireframe Breakdowns, Scene Files.
►FREE Downloads: My Personal Keyboard Shortcuts.