Adobe After Effects是业界领先的动画和创意合成应用程序之一,用于为电影、电视和网站创建专业图形和视觉效果。这个名字来源于一种被称为“视觉感觉的持久性(惰性)”的效应,这种机制使用视网膜的感觉记忆,它可以让你在短时间内存储视觉信息。凭借丰富的第三方插件库,AE还可用于印刷和图形设计,以编辑静态图形(照片、计算机生成的图像等)。

创建电影级影片字幕、片头和过渡。从剪辑中删除物体。点一团火或下一场雨。将徽标或人物制成动画。利用 After Effects 这款行业标准的动态图形和视觉效果软件,您可以将任何灵感制成动画。

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没有什么是你不能用 After Effects 创建的。
动画师、设计师和合成师使用 After Effects 为电影、电视、视频和网络创建动态图形和视觉效果……

– macOS 12.0 或更高版本
– 64位CPU
– 苹果M1芯片

Adobe After Effects is one of the industry’s leading animation and creative compositing applications for creating professional graphics and visual effects for film, television and websites. The name comes from an effect known as “permanence (inertness) of the visual sensation”, this mechanism uses the sensory memory of the retina, which allows you to store visual information for a short period of time. With an extensive library of third-party plugins, AfterEffects is also used in print and graphic design to edit static graphics (photos, computer-generated images, etc.)

There is nothing you can’t create with After Effects.
Animators, designers, and compositors use After Effects to create motion graphics and visual effects for film, TV, video, and the web……….

System requirements
– macOS 12.0 or higher
– 64-bit CPU
– Apple M1 chip