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The RTS Toolkit is a complete RTS experience waiting for your customization! Inside are the tools to create the next great RTS! However this is not just an RTS template but also a great learning tool to help guide you through creating and using blueprints, interfaces, behavior trees, UI, and much more! Included in this toolkit are the following features:
– Basic RTS camera and controls
– Traditional RTS unit selection
– Marquee (click and drag) selection
– 2 custom AI types with entirely separate functionality
– 2 custom Structure types with entirely separate functionality
– Gatherable resources
– Resource spawning volumes with completely customizable parameters
– AI commands including movement, gathering, and attacking driven by behavior trees
– Sample AnimationBlueprint included in files (must be manually activated)
– A robust collection of UI/HUD components for every selected unit
– A complete currency system for both income and expenses
– Traditional RTS Minimap system that relays cursor position to world position
– Traditional RTS “Fog of War” system
– A customizable game mode
– Friendly/Hostile faction states built to allow for multiplayer functionality
– Simple Bot AI built into Level Blueprints
Each function and variable is both color coded and clearly commented to help you learn how the RTS Toolkit works and can be used for your project!
– A complete demo level to showcase every feature of this package



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