Redshift 3.5.19引入了MatCap着色器的额外调整参数,允许用户从他们自己的数字草图中准备出漂亮的插图渲染,并快速创建简单的风格化渲染。由于Distorter节点现在具有使用Maxon Noise的3D扭曲,凹凸贴图现在可以被扭曲。此外,在至少有12个CPU线程的系统上,Redshift的CPU性能得到了改善。而且,Blender中的Redshift现在支持Jitter节点,可以快速地在大量资产之间变化着色器属性。

Maxon Redshift Renderer v3.5.19 Win x64

Redshift 3.5.19 introduces additional adjustment parameters to the MatCap shader, allowing users to prepare beautiful illustrative renders from their own digital sketches and quickly create simple, stylized renderings. Thanks to the Distorter node now featuring 3D distortion using Maxon Noise, bump maps can now be distorted. Additionally, Redshift CPU performance has been improved on systems with at least 12 CPU threads. And Redshift in Blender now supports the Jitter Node, which allows to quickly vary shader attributes across a large number of assets.