3D模型 Mal’Ganis 雕像 STL 文件(预支持)供3D打印使用。魔莫格 WoW 模型

在下载文件夹中有一个链接可下载 STL 文件。

欢迎来到 Luftmensch 工作室,我是数字角色雕塑师。我喜欢雕塑角色,并通过 3D 打印将它们带到现实世界中。这些角色的灵感来自视频游戏。您的支持对我意义重大,这将激励我创作更多令人惊叹的内容。请与我一起前行。

Statue of Mal’Ganis STLs (Presupported) for 3d printing.

Inside the Download folder there is a link to download STLs.

Welcome to Luftmensch Studio I am a digital character sculptor. I love sculpting characters and bringing them into the real world through 3D printing. The characters are inspired by video games. Your support means a lot to me, that will motivate me to create more awesome content. Please accompany me.

My Printer: Phrozen Sonic Mini 4k
Resin: Anycubic Basic
Layer Height: 0.04 mm
Bottom Layer Count: 6
Exposure time: 3.7s