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学习4D电影公司和After Effects的动作跟踪整个过程的实用技巧和诀窍。熟悉如何拍摄、跟踪和合成。了解如何使用红移和C4D的物理渲染器与R20的运动跟踪器来合成3D渲染到您的视频素材。影院4D R20的运动跟踪器使跟踪镜头变得容易,并让你添加任何你想添加到你的视频。我们将涵盖常见问题和故障排除策略,当您的轨道不合作时。本课程面向初学者和高级用户。学完本课程后,你将能够用自己的素材拍摄、跟踪和渲染合成镜头

01 c4d-r20-初学者运动跟踪
02 -如何为运动跟踪拍摄视频
03 -用c4d-r20-运动跟踪器跟踪你的镜头
04 -用AE合成你的镜头

Duration: 1h 37m | Video: .MP4, 1280×720, 24 fps | Audio: AAC, 48 kHz, 2ch | Size: 1.35 GB
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Learn practical tips and tricks for the entire process for motion tracking with Cinema 4D and After Effects. Get familiar with how to shoot, track, and composite. Learn how to use Redshift and C4D’s Physical Renderer with R20’s motion tracker to composite 3D renders onto your video footage. Cinema 4D R20’s Motion tracker makes it easy to track footage and let you add whatever you want into your video. We’ll cover common problems and troubleshooting tactics for when you’re track isn’t cooperating. This course is for beginners and advanced users alike. After this course, you’ll be able to go film, track and render out a composited shot with your own footage
Motion Tracking with Cinema 4D R20 for Beginners

01 – motion-tracking-with-c4d-r20-for-beginners
02 – how-to-film-for-motion-tracking
03 – tracking-your-footage-with-c4d-r20-s-motion-tracker
04 – composite-your-footage-with-after-effects


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