Unreal Engine Marketplace – Realistic Ocean Simulator for UE4 4.25

一个高度可定制的海洋模拟,将允许用户创建有趣的过渡,从暴风雨到平静的海洋条件。这个模拟是高度可定制的,有一组丰富的参数,允许对模拟本身的每个方面进行非常细粒度的控制。 文件大小:解压后539M

A highly customizable ocean simulation that will allow the user to create interesting transition from stormy to calm ocean conditions. This simulation is highly customizable with a rich set of parameters allowing a very fine grained control for each and every aspect of the simulation itself.

We mimic the Beaufort scale in order to represent each sea state (Calm, windy, stormy etc). We have a set of a maximum of four individually customizable ocean conditions that can be used then as animation keyframes.

Also an advanced and very customizable foam system has been implemented. In this way it’ll be possible to adapt it and chisel it based on your application/game needs.

The water surface material is opaque, more details on the parameters involved in the simulation are presented in the showcase video.