Zoo Tools Pro是Maya的一个模块化框架,对艺术家和TDs/开发人员很有用。如果你是一个程序员,你可以直接使用它或者添加你自己的工具。

Zoo Tools Pro最新版本2.8.1已经发布!它包括三个新工具:约束工具箱、连接到配置单元向导和多重导入/引用。

Hive FBX导出工具已获得重大更新,现在允许批量导出,并支持导出多个动画剪辑和装备。

值得注意的是,Hive Auto-Rigger也收到了许多更新和修复。

已经实现了几个改进和错误修复,以增强用户体验,从而带来更流畅、更完美的Zoo Tools Pro体验。

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The latest version of Zoo Tools Pro, version 2.8.1, has been released! It includes three new tools: the Constraint Toolbox, Joints to Hive Guides, and Multi Import/Reference.

The Hive FBX Export tool has received a major update, which now allows for batch exporting and supports the export of multiple animation clips and rigs.

Notably, the Hive Auto-Rigger has also received numerous updates and fixes.

Several improvements and bug fixes have been implemented to enhance the user experience, resulting in a smoother and more polished Zoo Tools Pro experience.