Gumroad – wParallax Bundle 1 and 2 One-Click-Interiors for Archviz
gum road-wParallax捆绑包1和Archviz一键式内饰


格式:C4D Max FBX
wPARALLAX -一键式内饰



1 -请观看youtube上的快速教程“如何使用wParallax”视频说明

2 -纹理将需要“手动”重新链接,因为资产跟踪不理解OSL脚本中的链接材料。

3 -加载的exr是1K贴图,用于优化场景性能。建议使用1K EXR(或更低版本),当满意时,加载3K贴图进行最终渲染或动画。由于后台的OSL计算,“3K地图”的性能可能会降低某些渲染引擎中的交互式预览速度。

Parallax OSL is a new method that uses just a single polygon to show an entire room.
With the power of OSL (Open Shading Language) and a wonderful script called JIWindowbox, it is now possible to create realistic fake interiors, saving you tons of time in the process!
The Parallax effect is often used in video games to optimize scene performance, and is now available for the Archviz industry!

Formats: C4D Max FBX

wPARALLAX – One Click Interiors

Thank you for your purchase of wParallax!

A few things to keep in mind when opening the sample scenes for the first time:

1 – Please watch a quick tutorial “How to wParallax” video instructions on youtube

2 – The textures will need to be relinked “manually”, because Asset Tracking doesn’t understand linked material in OSL script.

3 – Loaded EXRs are 1K maps, to optimize scene performance. It is recommended to work with 1K EXR (or lower), and when satisfied, to load the 3K maps for final render or animation. Due to OSL calculations in the background, the performance of 3K maps could slow down interactive previews in some render engines.

You have bought a lifetime access.
Any updates and support to existing files are free of charge.
If there is something new updated to OSL code or a fix to EXR parallax map, it will be announced on facebook and you can download it again.