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人脸是人体最复杂的区域之一,理解人脸的运动更加复杂。能够将面部运动分割成关键形状,并一起用于形成表情,不仅简化了面部,还允许您在CG中重新创建这些形状,并为复杂的表情设置动画。在这个由德瑞克·赛森(Digital Domain的面部建模师)主持的5小时研讨会上,你将学习面部混合形状建模的所有基础知识。

本研讨会假设您没有混合形状的先验知识,并使用Autodesk Maya带您完成整个面部处理过程。德里克首先对FACS(面部动作编码系统)进行彻底的解释,然后为变形准备一个ZBrush头部,分解面部每个区域所需的基本形状,并用变形器(如簇)在这些形状中进行阻挡。他展示了如何使用玛雅的雕刻工具来细化这些形状,然后将它们合并成一个混合形状的节点。


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Introduction to Creating Facial Blendshapes in Maya
The face is one of the most complex areas of the human body, and understanding the motion of the face is even more complex. Being able to split facial motion into key shapes to be used together to form expressions not only simplifies the face but allows you to re-create these shapes in CG, and animate complex expressions. In this 5-hour workshop by Derrick Sesson, a Facial Modeler at Digital Domain, you will learn all the basics of Facial Blendshape Modeling.

This workshop assumes you have no prior knowledge of blendshapes, and takes you through the full facial process using Autodesk Maya. Derrick starts with a thorough explanation of FACS (Facial Action Coding System), before preparing a ZBrush head for deformation, breaking down essential shapes needed for each region of the face, and blocking in those shapes with deformers, such as clusters. He shows how to refine those shapes with Maya’s sculpting tools, before bringing them all together into a blendshape node.

The concepts and lessons in this workshop will equip you with a fundamental understanding of FACS and how to create blendshapes, providing you with all the skills you need to create a set of facial blendshapes that give you the control to morph a face into any expression you like.

The head model showcased throughout the workshop was created by the talented team at and is available for free. The skills taught can also be applied to other character head models.

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