Substance Painter写实人物皮肤纹理贴图视频教程

视频:1920×1072,mp4 |音频:AAC-LC,160 kb/s,2个频道|流派:电子学习
时长:02:19:48 |语言:英语和西班牙语|文件大小:8.9 GB

这门课程面向Substance Painter的初学者和中间人员,有英语和西班牙语两种版本。


– 9个带英文字幕和音乐化的视频教程,展示了我为每种身体部位类型制作黑白皮肤纹理的工作流程,以及我使用的提示和技巧。
– 7详细说明所有地图(漫射、粗糙度和散射)每一层规格的分步指南。
– 4个成品Substance Painter文件。

Video: 1920×1072, mp4 | Audio: AAC-LC, 160 kb/s, 2 channels | Genre: eLearning
Duration: 02:19:48 | Language: English & Spanish | File size: 8.9 GB
Are you struggling to create realistic skin textures for your human character models? you don’t know how to paint colored skin? then this is the course for you.

This course is geared for both beginners and intermediates at Substance Painter, it’s available in English and Spanish.
Artstation – Character Skin Texturing Course (CSTC)
Topics covered:
– How to import the meshes and project set up.
– Baking Process.
– How to fix baking artifacts.
– White skin female head texturing.
– Black skin male head texturing.
– Roughness map creation.
– Subsurface Scattering map creation.
– Quick render (mainly with guide).
– How to export textures.
– Limb texturing (white and black skin).
– Torso texturing (white and black skin).

What you get
– 9 subtitled and musicalized video tutorials showing my workflow for texturing white and black skin for every body part type, with tips and tricks I use.
– 7 Step-by-step guides detailing the specifications of each layer of all the maps (Diffuse, Roughness and Scattering).
– 4 Finished Substance Painter files.


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