Eurosvet TM和Bogate`s TM产品的3D模型

现在,您可以独立选择必要的模型,并尝试将其融入您房间的设计中。Eurosvet – OM Eurosvet lighting

如果你和一个建筑师一起开发一个房间的个人设计项目,邀请他熟悉Eurosvet 3D模型的全部目录。

大小:20G 含预览图 模型以3D Max (Vray)格式呈现。含FBX obj 格式


3D models of Eurosvet TM and Bogate`s TM products
3D models of lamps are a modern and convenient way to create a creative solution for the lighting design of a room. On our site you will find a collection of 3D models of lamps of various styles: from classic to loft.

Now you can independently choose the necessary model and try to integrate it into the design of your room.

If you are developing an individual design project for a room together with an architect, invite him to familiarize himself with the full catalog of Eurosvet 3D models.

You can download 3D models absolutely free of charge.
The catalog is constantly updated with the latest news.
Models are presented in 3D Max (Vray) format.

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