Maya教程-XGEN制作毛发技能学习 Patreon – Cartoon Grooming Series by Jesus FC

Patreon – Cartoon Grooming Series by Jesus FC
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梳理头发XGEN Maya教程全系列卡通梳理1-29

帕特里翁本周正在制作一个新的教程。我们已经分析了如何使用可修饰样条线创建角色的毛发,现在我们将通过使用Core Xgen的向导,以更高级的方式分析准备用于动画和制作的毛发的创建。


然后我们将传递给Autodesk Maya来创建面部重组,为动画做准备并创建一个更好的模型,这将有助于我们用Xgen制作一个更好的新郎。一旦我们准备好UV和模型,我们将开始头发制作的过程。



Patreon – Cartoon Grooming Series by Jesus FC


Grooming Hair XGEN Maya Tutorial Full Series Cartoon Grooming 1-29

A new tutorial is being worked on this week in Patreon. We had already analyzed how to create the fur of characters with Groomable Splines and now we will analyze in a more advanced way the creation of fur ready for animation and production through guides using Core Xgen.

We will start from the basics with this process in which you can see the free lesson that focuses on how to create the modeling from the initial drawing. Analyzing the basic shapes in order to create a consistent structure in the 3D environment. The basic sculpture and form will be realized by Zbrush.

Then we will pass to Autodesk Maya to create the face retopology preparing it for animation and creating a better model, which will serve us to make a better Groom with Xgen. Once we have the UV ready and the model worked we will begin the process of hair creation.

We will separate the model into important areas and follow the flow of hair by means of the guides and the analysis of references that will confront us with problems that we will see how to solve, achieving a solid finish in which we represent the character as a high quality model with basic steps and a simple structure.

Once the fluxes are ready, it is time to start the process of modifiers in which the first deformations are initiated to generate the final finish by means of tufts, noises and size variations giving much more variety and a more natural finish to the coat of the character.


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